Sports Analytics is Changing the Sports Industry

Sports Analytics is a relatively new area of research however it has become a part of every athlete's career. Every sports team today has a team of analytics expert that study performances and crunch numbers to help their athletes perform better. The data collected through survey report from clipboards are sent to data scientists who then give insights to improve individual and team performance. Quantzig is one such company involved in analytics and advisory that uses data to offer solutions to various clients across different industries.

Benefits of Sports Analytics:
  • Higher Accuracy: Sports like cricket and football already use technologies that track the precision of pitches. This data helps get clarity about whether a goal has been scored or how the ball was pitched. This technology has huge potential to be used in almost every sport.

  • Real Time Data: Now, there are many websites that help provide real time statistics about teams and players. These websites store data regarding individual and team performance in the past. They are also easily accessible by the audience and sports teams which can use to get insights about the games.

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